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Filmosonido and Habitación 1520 Present


La Traductora

The Translator


Feature Film 100 min

Color, 4K, 1:85

Chile, Argentina, France, 2017





Paris 2008. Julia (30), an Argentinean immigrant, works as a Spanish translator of  wiretap police recordings. Victor (57),  the leader of a Chilean pickpocket gang, returns to Paris for his last break before retirement. When Julia hears his voice recordings, a buried desire is awakened and she starts questioning her comfortable suburban life.

With his French connections in jail, Victor needs to reorganize his team. Julia witnesses his struggle, and becomes enamored with his strong ethical code and the way he sees the world. Julia moves beyond her fantasies and risks her job and legal status by stealing the recordings and manipulating translations to delay his arrest.

As her obseesion grows, Julia begins to neglect her own marriage while diving into a convoluted and erotic relationship with Victor. The situation proves untenable and Julia is forced to confront her own emptiness and  desires.

As Julia attempts to quit her job and reorganize her life her husband discovers the stolen recordings and transcript manipulations, and Julia is arrested.

If she wants to go free, she will have to testify in Victor’s trial and finally deliver him to authorities.





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A un Metro de Ti (A Stop Away from you)


Best First Feature, Trieste Film Festival

Chicago Latino Film Festival

SANFIC, Santiago International Film Festival

Valdivia International Film Festival

Best Music, Viña del Mar International Film Festival




Television deals:

TVE - ETB, Spain

FOX - Moviecity, Latin America

VTR - Chile

Download the dossier here




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Pass: translator






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