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Enjoy cinema anywhere.


We offer an experience that rivals that of a commercial theater. Not only do we project films, but we also transform and adapt open or closed spaces (such as parks, streets, gymnasiums, auditoriums, among many others) while delivering the highest quality of picture and sound for the entertainment.


We provide diverse programming, including:

-European cinema

-Latin american cinema

-family movies

-senior citizen aimed entertainment

-recently premiered films

-films yet to be premiered


In order to budget an event we need to consider:

-Chosen location characteristics

-Estimated audience quantity

-Characteristics of the entertainment to be shown (from what year, where does it come from, etc.)

-Amount of booked showings

-Screen size (related to the number of audience members)

-Sound system and amplification (5.1 or 2.0)

-Electric power availability (provided in location or through generators)

-Quality of security at the location (closed perimeters, etc)

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